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Experience the volcanic region of Laacher See on Shanks' pony! We have put together a selection of well signposted circular and route tours for you, which can be combined with a trip on our "Vulkan-Expreß".

Choose your desired tour from the route suggestions below!

The tours are divided into simple (blue) through moderate (red) to challenging (black) tours. In all categories there are circular routes that lead back to the same train station as well as long-distance hikes, at the end of which you either reach the "Vulkan-Expreß" again or a good public transport service.

Each suggestion indicates the route, the length of the route, as well as the operating days of the "Vulkan-Expreß" recommended for this tour. The latter is particularly relevant for circular tours, since the timetable does not match every tour suggestion equally well on every day. With a click on the respective tour you get to the detailed information.

Easy hikes up to 10 km

220228 Grafiken W Engeln Brenk 230317 Grafiken W Panorama Oz 230317 Grafiken W Brenkbach
220228 Grafiken W We Buchh Bb 230317 Grafiken W Quackenbach 220228 Grafiken W We Herch To
230317 Grafiken W Rundweg Oz 230329 Grafiken W Osteifelweg En ML 220228 Grafiken W En Olbr. Oz
220228 Grafiken W Sw Br 220228 Grafiken W Bb To Br  


Moderate hikes from 10 to 20 km

220228 Grafiken W To Traumpfad 220228 Grafiken W En Eifelleiter 220228 Grafiken W Bb Quell Breisig
220228 Grafiken W To Trasshohlenweg 220228 Grafiken W Bb Panorama 220228 Grafiken W Nz Breisig
220228 Grafiken W En Tuffsteinweg 220228 Grafiken W En Eifelleiter Nz  


Challenging hikes over 20 km

220228 Grafiken W Oz Neuenahr 220228 Grafiken W Nz Burgpanorama 220228 Grafiken W En Neuenahr
220228 Grafiken W Nz Vinxtbach 220228 Grafiken W En Adenau  

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